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Our story
In order to get a good idea of what we're all about, it's important to look at our history.
In 1982, a small group of young people and a few families, decided to establish a community that would live according to the ideas of anthroposophy, a philosophy that was developed by Dr. Rudolph Steiner. The group established a kibbutz in the area of the Tzipori River in the lower Galilee region, and called it Harduf, named for the oleander bush that grows along the river banks in the area.
The members of the kibbutz began to build a spiritual, ethical and ecological life that would grow to include education, bio-dynamic agriculture, support to the surrounding community and organic food.
The agriculture in Harduf began with lettuce grown without pesticides and developed further to include many open field crops such as root vegetables, leafy vegetables, olive trees for the production of olive oil, and avocado trees.  In 1986, an organic bakery was established and in 1992, the kibbutz built the first organic dairy farm in the country.  
The philosophy of the kibbutz was to grow crops to nourish the members of the kibbutz, crops that would also enrich the soil and would enable to kibbutz to feed itself as independently as possible.  It is for this reason, for example, that wheat was grown. This wheat was milled into flour to be used for the bakery and was also used to feed the organic dairy cows.
The agriculture, the dairy farm and the bakery all developed well, and the members of the kibbutz began to sell surplus goods outside of the kibbutz.  It is at this time, that Yshai Shapira, one of the founding members of the kibbutz, took upon himself to manage the marketing of the products.
The Harduf brand was born.
Over the years, the items included in the brand's offering grew from organic bread to include organic vegetables, legumes and dairy products.  The products were distributed to health foods stores and were also sold in a small chain of Harduf stores.
Today, the Harduf brand includes packaged grocery items such as legumes, rice, flour and oats, pasta, soy and rice beverages, breakfast cereals, tahini, tomato products, and many more.
Our products are all 100% organic and are certified by Agrior and the Israel Ministry of Agriculture.
What began as a small patch of organic lettuce, because a brand of over 100 items, distributed all over the country to the major retail chains and to health food stores.
We take strives to offer organic products of only the absolute highest quality.
For over 30 years, our philosophy has stayed the same: organic, nutritious food, with no pesticides, and no chemicals.
Organic food, for all of us.

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